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What we do

All  products of our companies are biological according to the law CE 834/07.

Our association can offer:

  1. hospitality in wonderful farm holidays with educational plans for students with   participatory and recreative activities in a unique rural and environmental context, with hikes in the mountains, in the boroughs and in the archeological places of this area;
  2. quality biological products as:
  • Extra virgin olive oil, produced in the hills of the Ionian coast from olive of secular trees of  the kind “Carolea” and “Geracese”;
  • Citrus such as clementines, delicious red oranges, lemons and tangerines. We can surely say that our citrus are the best in the world for the unique and peculiar environment where they are;
  • Wine, as a matter of fact, we are in the land of wines, where it was produced wine for the Greeks and the Romans and most of the vines are native of this land;
  • Cold cuts, and we are working to produce organic cold cuts of the black pig of Calabria bred in areas rich in Mediterranean species, recovering so one of our ancient and famous tradition in the cold cuts production;
  • Cheeses , in particular of goat and sheep, with their inimitable aroma thanks to the different kinds of grass where grazing animals feed;
  • And many other products that are typical of  our Calabrian tradition, and many of them can be directly tasted in our farm holidays and restaurants.

All products offered by the companies and the member reception facilities meet the production rules and the service charter of Punta Stilo association and they are certified as organic products according to the law CE 834/07 and succesives.

Our task is to ensure the compliance of the quality standards that we have established and the origin of our offered products.

The Punta Stilo brand ensures our products for all procedure.



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