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Farm holidays "Casato Ruggero

“Casato Ruggiero” faces on the “Assi” creekbed. The river landscape with its colours and its scents and its clear water which gushes from “Serre Calabre” mountains, makes this place a unique and unforgettable place. There are many citrus and other beautiful trees which frame the nice granite tenements where once there were stables and forges, noble houses and farmhouses. Old and young people can canyoning and hike by mountain bike along all torrent, and to discover the Mediterranean fauna and habitat. Not far there are Stilo, Pazzano and Bivongi, nice villages which are important history and culture places, and almost in one hour you can arrive to Gerace city and Badolato city. Our rooms and houses, each independent from the other, have the furniture of the ancient calabria tradition, above all, liberty style, and wooden ceilings and rustic charm objects.

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