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Sun and sea in the heart of the Mediterranean

Why Calabria?

Because the sun kisses it for a good part of the year, for the beauty of its beaches, lapped by a very clear sea, for the uncontaminated nature and the warm hospitality of its people, for the charm of its villages, for the millenary art and traditions, for the goodness of its food and wines, and the inexhaustible variety of its products, which make it a unique place in the heart of the Mediterranean. Relaxation, sun and sea, nature and culture, and superior quality food and wine: organic, of course. That's why Calabria!

How to live Calabria

Calabria is a land to be discovered and enjoyed in every season of the year... lose yourself in its colors and scents, taste the flavors, immerse yourself in the soul of places and traditions, listen to the thousands of stories it has to tell you: they will lead you into the magic of an ancient and hospitable land, where you can immerse yourself in the blue sea and sky, enjoying the relaxing beauty of its unspoiled nature. Whatever you decide to do or see, you will realize that Calabria, the authentic Calabria, is a place to live and experience with all five senses.

What we offer

We offer you a holiday outside the box, to let you know the authentic Calabria and live unique experiences and emotions. We have travel solutions for every need and customizable packages of rural tourism, cultural and archaeological, naturalistic and experiential food and wine. We will host you in valuable farmhouses or apartments in the most characteristic villages of Calabria, having access to the circuit of associated restaurants where you can taste the typical local dishes prepared with our organic products. Welcomed by the warmth that has always distinguished our hospitality, you will be able to live relaxing days, enjoying real and engaging activities

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